HOPE (253) is an opportunity to reach our community for Jesus in a very real and profound way. You can be an instrumental part in the lives of so many people that will be touched by this amazing experience. You are invited to be apart of our team that will help out in many key areas before, during and after the event. Please take a moment to read the descriptions of each area of need, choose an area to serve, and then complete the form clicking the button below. FREE childcare & parking will be provided for training events.

Gospel Choir

The HOPE (253) Gospel Choir is a collection of voices throughout a variety of churches all throughout the Pierce County region. Lend your voice to inspire those to find Jesus by joining our Gospel Choir today!

Welcome/Usher Team

Volunteers will be greeting and ushering throughout the evening as well as assisting in the offering and the response process at the end of the event. Hospitality volunteers will be arriving at a specific time and will be parking in designated areas.

Production Team

Volunteers will help Friday, Saturday and Sunday in setting up and/or tearing down the main stage in 4 and 6-hour increments before and/or after the event. Areas of participation include: sound, lighting, video equipment, and LED walls.

Prayer Team

Volunteers will be rotating in shifts to pray before and during the event in a designated on-site prayer room.

Response Team

Volunteers will be a “Five Minute Friend” to people who have made a decision to commit or rededicate their life to Jesus at the end of the event. They will be receiving people’s contact information and following up with them by calling them the week after the event.

Follow-Up Team

Volunteers will assist after the event in sorting response cards, prepare mailings from local churches, data entry, and follow up phone calls.

Kids Team

Everyone’s important, even the littles that come with their families to HOPE253. We want every child to feel loved and valued when they arrive. This is also a great opportunity for families to serve together.

Please note: Areas listed above are on a first come, first served basis. Sign up now to secure the area you are most interested in serving.